5 Ways to Deal with Snoring

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For those of use who snore and have to deal with the daily effects of snoring, we can readily tell the big impact of it on our lives. Regardless of the health issues (which are significant), snoring can be damaging to your relationship.

If you are at you wits end with being woken up every hour either to the sound of your own snoring, or being dug in the back and told to “Roll Over”; or if you are the long suffering sufferer of a snorer, then read over these five tips to snoring treatment:

Check your diet

Take a look at your diet. Although this probably isn’t a complete solution or treatment to snoring, it is worth starting with what you eat and drink on a daily basis. You could well have intolerance to certain foods that affect your breathing, especially when lying on your back. For example, too much (or an intolerance to) dairy produce is likely to cause you to become blocked up with mucus when horizontal. This blockage causes heavy breathing and snoring. Alcohol is another common offender that causes snoring. When you are heavy on the booze, it if more probable that you will snore.

Watch your weight

Being overweight is another significant contributor to snoring. Excess weight in the neck and chest puts pressure on the breathing passage.

Sleeping position

Sleep on your side or front. Now this is easier said than done, because it is hard to control your sleeping position when you are asleep! However, there is an old trick that may be worth considering. You could sow a walnut, table tennis ball or similar size object into the back of a shirt and wear that in bed. Each time you roll on your back it will dig into you, causing you to roll back again – providing you don’t take your shirt of in your sleep.

Nasal strips

Use nasal strips. I found these to be very helpful, at least to start with. Nasal strips (often used by athletes) open the air passage for you, thus removing or preventing blockages. If you are desperate, it is worth a try, but the costs can add up over the days, months and years.

Breathing exercise

Here is the best, saved for the last. Exercising the muscles in your throat, tongue and doing breathing exercises can completely cure your snoring.

These are just a few of the many ways you can attempt to control your snoring problem. They may not be easy to accomplish but will surely be worth the trouble if only you can try and try and try.

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