1. Ada Boari

    Valentine’s Day (Part 3)

    When I got home Anna called to find out how my ‘date’ was going. I took a deep breath and told her the truth. You won’t believe what happened. “Wait that means you are free right? Ralf brought a friend along, he’s really interesting. Would you like to double date?...
  2. Ada Boari

    Marie (Part 3)

    “Hi, I hope it’s not too late to visit. I was kind of around and decided to pop in.” he said. “No, no come in. We have a lot of catching up to do.” she said and he did. Kwame and Marie talked, danced, had wine and chocolate and talked...
  3. Ada Boari

    Noel (Part 1)

    It was that voice again. Dino turned uncomfortably in his bed. The discomfort climbed from the physical disturbance of his early morning sleep to a sharp tug at his conscience, as the naked and spent Sheila lay spread-eagled beside him, breathing peacefully like she was born last week. He remembered...
  4. Ada Boari

    The Copy Cat Syndrome

    The Nigerian culture is becoming endangered as each day passes by as a result of civilization – it’s always the casualty when it comes to issues like this. Bachelors’ party, bridal showers, baby showers, and even recently Halloween and pregnant women revealing their bodies. This is how they want to...

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