Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Wedding dresses come is a wide variety of styles and colours. Just like how every bride has their own unique personalities and tastes so are wedding dresses designed. Finding the dress that you like that looks amazing on you can sometimes be a challenge. Many wedding dress vendors will advice women with certain shapes to stay away from a particular type of dress but what if that’s the dress she loves? These are four amazing steps to take to find the perfect dress.

Go through all the available types of wedding dresses

Knowledge is key right? To find the perfect dress you need to go looking for as many dresses you can find. Take a Saturday, fill your tank and drive around window shopping with your friends. If you don’t have the time to be moving from shop to shop go online and window shop. To be able to find the perfect dress you need to see what is out there.

Keep a folder of favourite wedding dresses

Keeping some kind of collection of your favourite wedding dresses is an extremely good idea. You can have actual pictures put in a physical book or a virtual folder on your computer or phone. Either way keep a collection. At a point in your wedding dress search you need to stop looking elsewhere and stick to your collection. This helps to keep you grounded and reduces anxiety.

Try on the different silhouettes of wedding dresses

Wedding dresses come in 4 basic silhouettes; ball gown, A-line, mermaid and umpire. It’s important to try on as many of these types of dresses according to your interest to see how they look on you. Based on your body type recommendations can be made but my advice is to try it on yourself and see how it looks on you.

Choose the most comfortable dress you love

At the end of the day your choices will be narrowed down and at this point what you need to consider is how you feel about the dress and how it feels on you. Choose the one you love and can dance and walk around in. Every bride wants to enjoy their wedding day as much as possible and you should in no way let your dress prevent you from doing this. Dance around in the dress, sit, stand and walk around in it to make sure you like how it feels before your special day.

With all these tips you are guaranteed to find the perfect dress because a beautiful wedding always starts with a bride in her beautiful dress.

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