Is Your Personality People Friendly?

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Everyone is made of different personality: style of talking, laughing, smiling, responding and communicating. Some of us are a comfort for others. We enjoy being with some people and we would rather keep away from some. What differences do these two categories have? Why one person’s presence enlivens the gathering, the other person dulls it? What are the qualities needed to make one self socially popular?

Smile -The very first quality is smile. When we see some body smiling, we feel pleased. And if the smile is without any malice it is more enchanting. Keep smiling. Keep your problems with yourself and keep your face smiling.

Listening – when we don’t speak but only listen, people love us. All of us have our own problems and need somebody to listen to us. Become a good listener. Ask open ended question such as – and after that? Why? And so on. That will encourage the speaker to pour out even more to you.

Be decently funny – There is enough pain in the world. Bring in some laughter. Have a collection of jokes and make your friends laugh. The more they laugh, the more they will enjoy your company.

Be Appreciative – have a word of appreciation for everyone. You can appreciate some body clothes, or shoes or what ever. Appreciate. Make friends feel good.

To be friendly and to be charming is not an art. It can easily be developed by anybody and everyone. The only need is to pay less attention to ourselves and more to others. Make friends happy and they will love your presence. Make your presence the life of any gathering. Success is yours.

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  1. Brian aka dagreat

    August 16, 2016

    I am willing to try this

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