Marie (Part 1)

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Marie turned around when she heard her name. The voice was too familiar but could it be him? A smile tried to form on her face but her surprise was stronger. “Kwame?” She said and they both rushed into a hug. It was like a magnetic force. Her mouth was open for a while even after the hug. “What are you doing here?” they both said at the same time and giggled. They were standing in an empty walkway leading to the hotel lobby. “Work, I’m at the environmental Safety Conference. You?” Marie said first.

He looked almost the same as the last time she saw him 5 years ago. He looked good. “I’m visiting my sister. She has this exhibition in some huge art gallery called Les Bijoux, I think. I came to support her. You should come over, it’s tonight.” he said taking out an envelope from his jacket. Then she felt a little bitter. “I’m not sure I can make it. We fly back to Ghana first thing tomorrow.” Marie said. He was disappointed but he masked it nicely.

“Alright that’s fine so when did…” he started but was cut short when a tall lady walked up to them. “Miss Danso, Mr Hanson asked me to come for the slides.” She said. Marie nodded and took out a pen drive from her bag. “I’ll be there soon.” she said handing it over to the lady. She nodded and walked off without even looking in Kwame’s direction. “Wow, she’s usually not that rude. Anyways I have to go, that’s the boss’s PA.” Marie said.

His sigh sent her back on memory lane. Her work almost always came first in their relationship. He couldn’t hide his disappointment anymore. She felt bad. She hugged him again. “It was super nice running into you here.” she said. She looked at her phone and saw her boss calling. “Yes it was. You look amazing.” Kwame said. She smiled and turned around to leave. After a few steps she turned around and without hesitating said, “Belle Une Hotel. That’s where I’m staying. We leave at 9am tomorrow so if you are free you could come by?” He nodded and smiled back but she knew that smile. It had doubt in it.

That evening Marie found herself going through pictures of her and Kwame together. She smiled and giggled at some of the silly poses. She was supposed to be working on a couple of reports but she just couldn’t. “Marie I heard you put the slides together yourself. Is that true?” her co-worker asked. “Yes oh. Was it cool?” She said with a smile that was already on her face. “It was really good. You had a lot of compliments.” she said sitting next to her.

“Doreen, what will you do if you meet someone you have seriously been trying to forget?” Marie asked. Doreen looked at her and thought for a while. “Depends on why I want to forget him in the first place. Is he a thief, murderer?” She started but Marie laughed and cut in. “No, no you just wanted to get over him.” she said. She peered over Marie’s laptop. “It doesn’t look like you want to forget him. My advice? You need closure. Go get that.” she said. Marie sighed. “You know what? Get dressed. The guys are going to some pub. Let’s join them. It will get your mind off this till we get home.” Doreen said dragging her. Marie was so thankful she packed a party dress. It was her little sister’s idea.

To be continued…

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