Marie (Part 2)

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The pub was pretty packed. Doreen insisted Marie danced with her after their first set of drinks. They did a few silly dances with the guys laughing their hearts out. Marie was a pretty bad dancer too. The guys joined in the dancing with the intention of showing the girls ‘how it’s done’. Marie could not believe how much fun she was having. They called a cab and decided to leave before it got too late.

“You know, I should have taken your advice.” Marie whispered to Doreen on the ride back to the hotel. Doreen nodded. Just then with a lot of people crowded in front she saw Les Bijoux. “Stop the cab!” Marie yelled, to everyone’s surprise. “Guys, I need to see someone here. You can drop me off here. I’ll come back with another cab.” She added. “Marie it’s 10:15pm. Are you sure?” Doreen asked. “Yes, don’t worry I’ll be fine.” she said and got out of the taxi.

Marie rushed to the entrance and noticed a lot of people leaving. The man at the entrance would also not let her in. It was a strictly by invitation event. No matter what Marie said he wouldn’t budge. After twenty minutes of pacing up and down, someone walked up to her. “You want to go inside? I have spare invite card” he said in the best English he could muster. Marie took it excitedly, hugged him and rushed in with an ‘in your face look’ when she got to the bouncer.

There were very few people inside. It looked like the event had ended. Marie looked around for Kwame. Then her eyes fell on a painting. She recognized what was in it immediately. How could she forget. It was under that tree that she first kissed Kwame. The lights were off in the house so they went to sit under the tree where it was cooler. He took his guitar and played it while she sang. A lady walked up to her and told her the event had ended and the gallery would be closing in minutes. Marie faked a smile and nodded. She looked around for Kwame’s sister or anyone familiar but wasn’t lucky. “I should have taken his number, I shouldn’t have rushed off when I met him.” she thought to herself as she walked out.

The ride to her hotel felt long to Marie. She felt so sad she wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. She hoped so much to wake up and realize it was all just a dream. When she got to her hotel room, it was like room service knew. There was a bar of chocolate on her bed. Just enough to make her smile. She took a bite, fell on the bed and closed her eyes. Then there was a knock at the door. She reluctantly got up and went to open it. It was Kwame!

To be continued…

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