Marie (Part 3)

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“Hi, I hope it’s not too late to visit. I was kind of around and decided to pop in.” he said. “No, no come in. We have a lot of catching up to do.” she said and he did. Kwame and Marie talked, danced, had wine and chocolate and talked some more all night. It wasn’t until 3 am when they were both tired they lay cuddled up in bed. Just as they both fell asleep Kwame whispered into her ear, “Marie I never stopped loving you. I guess because of the distance I loved you separately.” she smiled and held him closer.

“I heard Henry tried to get with you and you turned him down? Was it because of work again?” he asked. Marie giggled. “Partly, but the thing is I never stopped loving you either.” she also said. He breathed heavily. “Well maybe Henry isn’t the best of guys to date.” he started and they both giggled. “But you’ll meet somebody who is. Probably one, who wears glasses, is slightly taller than me and loves his job like you so he will understand you better. Someone who likes to wear blue shirts.” Kwame added. Marie giggled. “Maybe; but let’s not spoil the few minutes we have with each other ok?” She said and kissed him goodnight and soon after, fell asleep.

The next morning when Marie’s alarm went off she opened one eye and then the other. Kwame was gone. “He didn’t even say goodbye.” She said to herself. She rushed off to get dressed. Doreen came to her room when she was all packed and ready to checkout. “You! You were supposed to let me know when you got back.” Doreen shot at her. Marie smiled. “I’m sure you were asleep when I got back.” she said. Doreen quickly gave her the ‘spill out the juice’ look and Marie narrated what happened the night before. “That’s so cute. I wish I had an ex like that.” she replied.

“You were at Pierre’s exhibition? It was lovely wasn’t it?” The lady at the check in desk at the airport said when Marie accidentally brought out the exhibition ticket instead of her plane ticket. “Pierre? No this exhibition was by Dilys Amponsah.” I said and pointed to the ticked but it said Pierre. She was confused. ” Pierre La Rouge. He is a very popular French artist.” The lady added and smiled. Marie smiled back and nodded. She could have sworn she saw Dilys name on the ticket the night before.

When they were boarding the plane she whispered to Doreen. “I wish I could call him to say I’m leaving. You know?” Doreen smiled. “Send him a message on Facebook, it’s the next best thing.” She replied. Marie nodded. She noticed she had the window seat, her favourite. Immediately she sat down she took out her tablet to send Kwame a message. She went straight to his page and her heart missed a beat. There were many posts on his wall saying RIP. Her eyes widened and her arms shook as she read the messages indicating that he died that day.

“It’s not possible.” She said to herself. She took out her phone and called his best friend. “Marie you just heard the sad news right? Are you back in Ghana?” Kafui, said on the phone. “What happened?” Marie asked. “He went into a coma for one week after an accident and died this morning. The doctors tried everything.” he narrated. Marie turned cold. “Kafui, I just saw a ghost.” She said. An air hostess walked up to her and asked her to turn off her devices. She nodded and did so immediately.

“This is a dream, this is just a dream.” she whispered to herself with her eyes closed. “Excuse me could you help me with this?” A man said. Marie turned and saw a tall, dark and handsome young man in glasses and a blue shirt trying to get into the seat next to her. She stared at him for a while and finally helped him. When he was seated she turned to him and asked, “Do you believe in reincarnation?” he looked at her in shock and asked, “I’m sorry, what?”

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