My Baby’s Valentine

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“Mika, where is your sister? I told you to call her.” I asked my son when he got on his chair to have dinner. “She’s drawing something. She said she will come when she’s done.” He answered pouring water into his glass. “She’s making a card for her valentine.” He mumbled with food his mouth. I turned and looked at him immediately.

My daughter was just five, what did she know about having a valentine? The thought of this scared me a little. I wiped my wet hands with a napkin and walked to the hall, where she was. “Ruth, what are you doing?” I asked calmly. “I’m making a card for my valentine.” She said without even turning to look at me.

My heart missed a beat. I sat down beside her and watch the card closely. She was colouring a big heart and she had drawn little stars around it. “So are all your friends at school making valentine cards?” I asked again. She put the coloured pencil down and looked at me. “I don’t know. My valentine is really awesome! He’s so cool.” She said with a very wide smile.

“HE?!” I screamed in my head. There was still the hope that it was her father so I calmed down a little. “Tell me about this valentine of yours.” I said pretending to smile. She turned to me sharply and begun. “He’s so cool. He sends me flowers, makes me happy and when you, Mika and Dad are all busy he listens to me when I need someone to talk to.” My smile faded immediately.

“What does he tell you?” I asked a little stern this time. She noticed I wasn’t amused and went on drawing. “He doesn’t really say anything, but he gives me almost everything I ask for.” She mumbled. “Ruth is he in your school?” I asked again. She nodded. “Is he a teacher?” I interrogated. She looked at me suspiciously but answered anyway. “No, he is not.” She replied.

This was not good at all. I grabbed the card and crumpled it. Then I held her by the shoulders. “Ruth, I don’t want you to talk to him again. When I take you to school tomorrow, show me this man ok? He is a bad man, he can hurt you.” I said, with some amount on anger. She looked at me strangely. “He’s not bad and I can’t show him to you.” She said. “Why not?” I asked without hesitating. “Mom I can’t because no one can see God.” Ruth said.

When my husband came home I told him about how I embarrassed myself in front of our 5 year old daughter and he laughed at me in bundles. “So what happened to the card? You crumpled it right?” He asked when he managed to catch his breath. “Oh we made a new one together. We even used some of my lip stick for a unique touch. Who was I to say no to her?” I said. He burst out laughing even harder and this time I joined him. That night I knelt down to pray to God, something I hadn’t done in so long. My daughter was right, He is really awesome!

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