Office Struggles with a Bitchy Boss (Part 1)

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I walk across my dining into the living room where I snuggle on the longest couch. Apart from clubbing with my male friends and a couple hot ladies, watching my 42” TV is my most convenient way of relaxing. The past week has so far been stressful; twice I have had to endure verbal lashing from my boss in the office for reasons that are not of my making. Oh, well my boss is a female and very prudish, so she never gives up the chance to use her most deadly weapon, her tongue.

I have often prayed that the work days roll by as quickly as I gulp a glass of chill beer without putting it down. I peek over my laptop and notice my colleague who also shares the office space with me tidying up her table. Once again, I lower my head while a smirk plays across my face. Her name is Amanda; a better way to describe her would be nutcase.

“Amanda, why are you in hurry to go home today?” she looks in my direction then reluctantly replies “I have someone to catch up with”. I wanted to probe Amanda further with some more questions, but her look said it all. She didn’t want to be disturbed. This is not the first time would be acting this way when she had a potential date at hand. Or maybe today she has had enough of our boss’ consistent nagging as she tidies her table before she rushes out of the office to enjoy the weekend a few minutes away.

“Hey, James have a nice weekend; see you on Monday”, Amanda said as she escaped through the door. I cast a final stare at the clock on the blue wall across my right. Time is 4:35 PM! It is probably time to get my buttocks off my chair and well be on my way home. But that will only happen when I have finished a job my boss delegated to me some minutes before the official closing hour. I can recount several times my boss has been a thorn in my flesh; she has a bad habit of delegating tasks to me at very odd hours. The worst part is she gives you an unrealistic turnaround time. Today was quite the same only good thing is that the task was not tedious, I could finish it in two hours if I just paid full attention to it.

Brrr! Brrr!! Brrr!!! Brrr!!! My phone buzzes on my table before I look to see who could be calling to interrupt my work. Arrrrgh! I let off when I discover my girlfriend is calling. I hesitated to pick up and the buzz comes to an end. Just before I became fully engrossed in my work again, the phone buzzes again, now I have to attend to this call.

“Hello baby?”, my girlfriend called out from the other end. “Hello Sonia” I responded grudgingly.

“Baby I hope you are at home, cos I’m coming over to spend the weekend”, “No, I’m not” I replied. “Well, I’m on my way to your house; you better come home as soon as possible”.

“Hey, Sonia I have some unfinished work to do here at the office”.

I barely said more when she dropped the call. Whenever, my girlfriend talks in that manner, you better know it’s a done deal regardless of your opinion. Now more than ever I hurried to finish my work to avoid getting into petty squabbles with Sonia. Most times like this, Sonia decided how the weekend will look like for me. This weekend will be spent indoors except I had to buy some groceries, my plans to spend the night in the company of my friends will be postponed to some other time.

The time on my wristwatch is 6:15 PM as I head out of the office. I turn off the light switch, shut the door, and ensure the door is locked then I proceed down the stairways. My weekend has just begun!

To be continued…

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