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Before stepping on a plane for that wonderful safari adventure, you should have a detailed plan, mapping out how you want to spend your holiday. You will be happy you did by the time you are faced with untoward incidents.

Here are some important things you should consider when going on a safari travel:

Remember that it is one challenging endeavour

Planning a safari can be one of the most exciting feats one can ever manage to make happen. It is not one of the generic travels usual jetsetters indulge in. Although you are provided with a tour brochure and a tourist guide, it still is better to research on your own regarding the various itineraries.

Best spots for safari should be spotted

The most suggested parts of Africa to enjoy safari include East and Central Africa, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Prepare for the climate

It is a must to know the seasonal trends and how they will affect your travel; but also remember that the weather is fickle-minded so you can never really accurately predict the outcome of your travel if you will base it one the weather alone.

If you are going to visit East and Central Africa, long rains start early in April to early June. Short rains abound during late November to December.

Southern Africa has its rainy season from late November through mid-April for the safari areas. However, during that time, it will be summer in Southern Cape.

For those who rather prefer the Indian Ocean Islands, they can expect the seasonal trend to be more like that of Southern Africa. In these Islands, summer rains last from November through April. Cyclones can also be experienced during those seasons. The dry season kicks in between the months of May and October.

Choose your activities

Among others, safari traveling offers some of the following fun-filled activities:

  1. gorilla trekking
  2. sailing
  3. bird watching
  4. participatory camping
  5. self driving
Know your budget and keep within limits

When choosing a trip, budget constraints should never be overlooked. Decide on a price range that you can work on. To make your budgeting more effective, consider the level of luxury of your safari travel, length of your trip, activities, accommodations preferences, meals and season.

Determine your travel style

Do you prefer your safari to be more luxurious, moderate or rustic? Will you let kids tag along? Are you traveling with a group or will you be one bold, independent traveller? Will you travel by air or road? What about your guide and your vehicle?

Answering those questions will more or less improve your overview of your dream safari travel.

Have fun!

Photo Credit: Pixabay


  1. Elias Noti Laiza

    September 11, 2016

    I am 47 year old from Tanzania I am chef working in a tour company looking for people to share ideas I like travel different national parks

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