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We are all social animals. Friendship helps us break the barrier that stops us sharing our life with others. During early childhood, only the mother or father may be enough for a friend. However, it gradually becomes visible when a growing child has no friends to play with, then you will realize the importance of friends.

Why does even a little child need friends when he/she can easily play with the parents and enjoy life? Friends are needed because most of them are from the same age group and we relate better with people of our age group. Give it a thought.

Many of us carry a childhood friendship in our adult life. That gives us an opportunity to share memories of the childhood spent together. That is why, when we meet an old childhood friend after a long time, we love to go back to our memories. We go back to those days, when things were much better. One is also known by the friends one keeps. What does this mean? This means that people of similar taste become better friends. That is a big advantage of friendship. To share thoughts about things of common interest.

Many times, some things in our life, some incidents etc., cannot be shared with anyone but friends. A friend will understand our problem and not lecture us about mistakes. A friend will be with us and will always be for us. That is friendship. Good friends share every thing in their life including the intimate details, and one who has such friends is very lucky.

To share is very important. To talk, to discuss, to exchange ideas, to smile, to laugh and to cry together. We need friends. If we have good friends, we should always take care of the friendship and make the bond stronger. A friendship lost is a very big loss. We cannot go back to childhood days and make friends again. Value friends, and value the friendship as a treasure. Connect with friends with love and care. Send them some ecards from time to time to share your care. Build and share your friendship. Treasure it.

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  1. Boris Aime

    August 18, 2016

    J’aime votre site mais je ne sais comment l’utiliser pour mieux m’epanouir

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