Stay with Me (Part 1)

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Dominic walked into his kitchen and brought out a bottle of wine and two glasses. Akua laughed when she saw him coming back to the hall. “Oh come on Dom we just had drinks.” She said. Dominic shook his head. He opened the bottle and poured the red wine into just one glass. “Hey it’s not everyday you get such a big deal.” He said smiling. Akua grinned and told him how excited she was. Their start-up company had sold an app they created to the biggest telecommunication company in the country. The contract was fetching them more money than they ever imagined.

Dominic had always liked Akua but all his colleagues made sure he never picked a move on her because of his inability to stay in a committed relationship for more than a month. Garry, Dominic’s friend always said Akua was too valuable in the company to deal with his ‘assholeness’. Luckily for Dominic Garry and the others were out of town. If there was a time to make a move it was that night. Akua was happy, they were at his apartment doing some work.

Dominic found it strange how he was indecisive of how to hit on Akua. Maybe it was because she was smarter that the usual girls he dated. He loved her sharp wit and she had the sharpest eye for flaws. She could spot a kink in a system with the snap of a finger. Somehow he felt she liked him too. She probably just didn’t want to be seen as one of his ‘numerous women’.

“That’s the last one. I’m off. I think all this drinking is making me sleepy.” Akua said, walking to the sofa where she left her hand bag. “You can sleep with me.” Dominic said immediately. Akua turned around and looked at him sharply. “What?!’ She asked. Dominic held out his hand to explain. “I didn’t meant sleep like sleep. I just, I mean you can sleep here if you want like in my apartment.” He stuttered. Akua giggled. “Thank you Mr. Considerate but I’ll pass. I should go.” Akua said hanging her bag on her shoulder and turning around to leave.

Dominic took a gulp of the wine that was in his glass and rushed over to her. He held her by the shoulders and span her around. Without hesitating he leaned in and kissed her. Akua held him as they kissed with her eyes closed. Her mind told her to push him away about she couldn’t. Just then the doorbell rang and Akua moved back. She turned away. “You should get the door.” She said, sitting on the couch. Dominic nodded and walked to the door.

“What are you doing?” Akua whispered to herself. She knew she had feelings for Dominic but she also knew he wasn’t the type of guy for her. She decided to talk to him at least to find out if he was serious about her. When Akua walked to the front door she heard a lady talking. “I thought you said you would be free tonight. Didn’t you get my text?” The lady said.

To be continued…

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  1. ony

    August 7, 2016

    That Dominic is a flirt does not mean he want Searle down one day. Someone can still bring out the best in him BT only if he is ready for that

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