Stay with Me (Part 4)

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Weeks went by and the tension between Dominic and Akua went down a little but not completely. They spoke to each other casually but that was as far as it went. There was a meeting one day at work. Their big project was finally about to start. Everyone had a role to play and it was clear that for the next year they were all going to work much harder in order to make good money for the business. Terry the Operations Manager shared a printed out list of roles everyone had to play when the meeting started.

“We all need to bring our A game. This company is all about results. If we impress them with this mobile app we can work for them permanently. That will bring us amazing revenue.” Terry said. Everyone nodded. “There’s one thing we all need to decide and that is the person who will go to Kenya. It’s really between Dominic, Akua and Stella.” Terry continued. Akua’s heart missed a beat. She and Dominic’s eyes met. He looked away immediately. Then she turned to Stella who looked just as surprised as her.

“If I were to suggest I’d pick Dom…” Terry started but Stella cut in. “I’ll go.” She said. The whole room turned to look at her. Terry objected but she didn’t back down. “I have family and friends in Kenya. I will understand the place better and get on my feet in no time.” She explained. Everyone agreed that she was better suited for the task so she was chosen.

After the meeting Akua rushed to Stella. “Do you really want to go?” She asked her. Stella giggled. “Well, why not?” She answered looking away. “Oh my goodness you did it to keep Dom and me together?” Akua asked. Stella took her hands and said, “Dominic may look like a bad boy but deep down he’s not. He just dates the wrong women. You are good for him.” Akua smiled and hugged her.

She confessed to Stella that she was scared when their names were mentioned. She knew Stella was right. She had known Dominic for a long time. He and Stella were family friends. That’s how she joined their company in the first place. Akua knew she would miss her. Stella had a very friendly straightforwardness she loved. “I’m going to miss you.” Akua said hugging her again.

That night Akua texted Dominic. It was very late at night but she really wanted to make sure Stella’s sacrifice was not wasted. She typed, “Hey, I’m glad we both stayed. I’m going to miss her though.” When she sent it she put her phone by her pillow and got into bed. In just a few minutes she heard a notification. She dashed for the phone and read his reply out loud with a smile. “Yea, I’ll miss her too. It is funny how I really expected one of us to go but freaked out when I heard our names. What are you even doing awake at this time?!” Akua giggled. She replied with a smiley face and goodnight.

To be continued…

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  1. e c robert

    August 17, 2016

    every things is ok

  2. michal alle

    August 13, 2016

    Je voudrais être membre de ce groupe

  3. george teah wah

    August 10, 2016

    I want to tchart with people accross the world to make friends

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