The Copy Cat Syndrome

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The Nigerian culture is becoming endangered as each day passes by as a result of civilization – it’s always the casualty when it comes to issues like this. Bachelors’ party, bridal showers, baby showers, and even recently Halloween and pregnant women revealing their bodies. This is how they want to live their lives I reasoned and the right to do so is theirs exclusively.

The reason why this is prevalent is what I really do not understand because the Nigerian culture is a conservative one. My thought initially was that things like these were usually used for social campaigns and to some extent advertisement but as we can see its now like a fashion trend in Nigeria.

Do we really ask ourselves as a people why we venture into some things? I know as a business man who want to venture into a trade, the end result would be to make money or would I say to make profit as the case may be or a model who decides to wear clothes been made by fashion designers-the end goal is to make people like the clothes and eventually buy them. These are genuine reasons why we take some actions.

A pregnant wife displaying her body for the world to see on social media and other platforms is what still baffles me. I sincerely tried to understand the reason behind such actions but sadly I have still not found one. Could it be for sheer popularity, display their pregnant bodies which still looks good during pregnancy or they just simply want to announce that they are expecting mothers. Peradventure it is just for the fun of it. The younger ones are see this trend as they grow; it is seen as a normal phenomenon.

All mentioned above are alien to the Nigerian culture and way of life and until they are been addressed one can but imagine what trends are still coming our way. The fact is we can only discipline ourselves not to perform some acts that are not so palatable. The government cannot enforce a restriction on how people choose to celebrate-if it wouldn’t lead to destruction of lives and properties. But It’s a moral right of every individual to live a life that shows good conduct not just to self but to the society at large.

The colonial mentality that has bedevilled the African continent and specifically Nigerian society should be a thing of the past.

Article by: Adekunle Adedapo

This article was previously published at meigotalk. Adekunle Adedapo is a social critique and someone who loves to be a solution.

Photo Credit: Pixabay


  1. baba ijebu

    December 3, 2016

    baba ijebu,some woman create a problem to his husband by show her pregnacy time to media to exposed the work of God to wizard and wishes t

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