The Fugitive: The Chase

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Jakk was hungry. He had never been this torn by ravenous hunger. It was so gut wrenching he felt like curling up somewhere to sleep to quiet his insides. Sleep!, his mind sighed. When was the last time he had had those? Yesterday? A forth-night? He couldn’t even remember. Everything in his mind was foggy except the raw pain tearing up his insides, a constant reminder that he was still alive.

Barely his mind echoed back to him. His feet were caked with mud, his body was bruised all bones, his dirty clothing clung tightly to his sweat dripping body, the heat wasn’t helping much neither was the burning feeling in his gut. Regardless, his mind was sharp.

Suddenly, he heard it. He dropped to one knee, ears keenly listening in the pitch black night. He waited body tense. Everything was silent but he knew what he had heard and his ears never deceived him. He had lost his pursuers weeks ago on the mountains of Falos. Their leader was cunning so was he, he had after-all trained her with her team well. Now they were after him. He evaded them every time they had closed in on him. They were just as relentless as he was. Instinctively, he rose breaking into a run; his body forgot it was hungry…danger was near.

She could smell him. Anger welled up inside her, causing her to breathe faster. He was out there she sneered in the dark. He had eluded her every time. She had employed all the tricks in the books yet she had failed to put him in chains. She rose, he was daring her, testing her limits wanting to see just how far she was willing to come after him. They both knew she would go to any lengths to capture him. This was a mission in which failure was totally unacceptable. He would be another trophy; he was after-all a worthy adversary. She allowed her mind to wander to the punishment he would get when she caught him.

She smiled. Very soon. She clicked her teeth and ten black silhouettes ran into the night as silent as the airless night. She could not fail. The chase had been a long one. She had almost had him on several occasions but this one was not like the others. He turned to be as difficult, plus extra slippery as an eel in water. The challenge was telling its toll on her team but this was what they had been trained for and they had been given the best trainer now they were on his trail. To the ordinary eye, the terrain was unfamiliar, but she knew the place like the back of her palm.

The team had trained in unfamiliar places under unfamiliar circumstances. They were the very best, going for days without food or water, and just going on like clockwork. He was taking them to more dangerous terrains; subjecting them to harsh conditions but she would not be deterred. This was her life, she had to think faster. Ever since in the terrain, he had always been one step ahead. Cara was getting sick of it. She let her thoughts wander to the past.

Although her home planet was far away, images of her mother flicked through her subconscious. She remembered her mother had showed no emotion as she was packed off to camp Kligg’ion. Although every parent was proud to have a child in training, the decision surrounding her being shipped off to camp were not hers to make. She was only ten years old. Things grew from tough to worse in the camp. The females were made sterile so they could never birth a child and then brainwashed into living solely for the purpose of serving their country (clan). The males were pitted against the females in hand-to-hand combats. She had shown that she could take a beating and give one back.

The rule on the camp was “show no mercy”. You had to watch your back because you were nobody’s friend, just as as nobody was yours either. Those that had cried on drop-off day had their throats slit in their sleep by the Grangers. One by one the weak ones were weeded out till only a handful remained. Only those who could last with all the bruises, battered mind and still standing were acknowledged. Those left were branded with the seal of training, where if they graduated they would be sent to another camp for progression.

To be continued…

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