Valentine’s Day (Part 1)

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“Did you see the roses and chocolate Mina’s boyfriend sent her?” Anna asked me. I looked to see if the boss was around and sat down next to her. “Anna, it wasn’t just chocolate and roses oh, there was a gold necklace inside.” I said. She opened her eyes wider and smiled. “That means she beat the boss.” She added. We both giggled and just then a client walked in. I quickly straightened my face and walked over to her. “Hello, I’d like to do a blow dry.” She said. I smiled and showed her the way to my work area.

I had her hair washed and sent her to my seat. Just when she sat down she got a call. “Hi baby, yes I’ll be ready at 7. Right now I’m having my hair done. A surprise for me? Oh baby, I can’t wait. See you soon.” She said and hung up.

I smiled to myself. “You have a hot valentine date right?” I said and she nodded. “Then I’ll have you looking extra special.” I added as I blow dried her hair. “Please make it extra special.” She replied and we both giggled. Behind my warm smile I was bitter. If only I had a boyfriend to do nice things for me too.

“Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day yourself?” The client asked. I faked a smile and nodded. “Yes and no. My boyfriend hasn’t told me what we are doing yet. He just said to dress up and he would pick me up.” I lied. The client smiled and I smiled back. She told me what her boyfriend did for her the previous year. The lavish presents he bought and the fancy restaurant they went to for dinner. “Aww he really loves you.” I said trying very hard to hide my envy. She nodded and kept on talking.

The client gave me a huge tip just because I gave her such a special hair style. We both knew her boyfriend would love it. After work, Anna’s boyfriend came to pick her up to go see a movie so I had to go take a bus home alone.

I decided to spoil myself a little at a new ice cream place that just opened nearby. I had just enough to spend from the tip. I bought vanilla, chocolate, caramel and lemon flavours and got chocolate toppings free. You know why, because I was wearing something red! Valentine’s Day was really celebrated all over the place.

To be continued…

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