Valentine’s Day (Part 2)

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I sat down at the bus stop and gobbled my ice cream down as fast as I could. It was a warm evening so it tasted extra good. A thought of Mina and Anna came into my mind. I could see them having the best of the evening with lots of stories to share at work tomorrow. I came back to real life when a bus going in my direction arrived. I rushed into it and sat down next to a rather old man.

He was in shades and I almost laughed until I saw his walking stick…he was blind! I greeted him to make myself feel better and he responded with a smile. This made me feel even guiltier. When the bus conductor asked for my fare, I quickly paid for both of us. “Sir, I’ve paid for you.” I said softly to him. He smiled again. “Thank you my dear. That’s nice of you.” He replied with a very warm voice.

Half way through the journey Anna called me. She was telling me how her boyfriend bought her perfume and a teddy bear. “Oh my goodness that’s cool. It looks like you people want to shy the boss with your gifts. I’m waiting for Sena to come and pick me up. I’m at a snack bar right now. Got to go, he’s here.” I said hurriedly. When I ended the call the blind man tapped me. “Did you have to lie?” He asked. Just then I realized I wasn’t alone. Shoot, everyone sitting close to me in the bus probably heard me! “Oh erm I just didn’t want her to talk too much.

She’s a bit of a talkative.” I said shyly. He wasn’t convinced. “Please be honest with me, do you have a Sena who is picking you up?” He asked softly. I really wanted to lie but I couldn’t. “No, not really.” I said in the lowest tone I know. “You see, my niece was all over the place this morning because of Valentine’s Day. I told her something. I told her that the best gift of all is a person’s time for you.” He added. I honestly did not see his point. What was wrong with showing someone you love with gifts? He didn’t understand how it felt like to be single.

I slowly melted down. “It’s a little embarrassing to be left out when people are talking about all the things they are doing or getting.” I explained. “Things will never get better for you if you lie. Take it from me; the truth is the best way out. Try being honest from now on and you will know what I mean.” He said. “You want me to tell them I didn’t get anything because I don’t have a boyfriend?” I asked for confirmation.

“Yes. If you are hungry and you tell people you have so much to eat no one will invite you to a feast.” He explained. What he was saying was beginning to make sense. Maybe I didn’t have a boyfriend because all the boys thought I was hooked because I lied about it. Just then I realized I had gotten to my bus stop. “This is my stop, thank you Sir. Goodbye.” I said quickly and rushed out. He smiled and nodded his head.

To be continued…

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