Valentine’s Day (Part 3)

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When I got home Anna called to find out how my ‘date’ was going. I took a deep breath and told her the truth. You won’t believe what happened. “Wait that means you are free right? Ralf brought a friend along, he’s really interesting. Would you like to double date? We are coming to the pub around your house.” She said. I lit up like a Christmas tree. “Yea sure.” I replied. “Then get dressed now. We will be there in like 15 minutes okay?” She commanded. “Yes, I’m right on it.” I replied rushing into the shower.

It was amazing how I said the truth the very first time and got a date. I kept my fingers crossed and hoped Ralf’s friend would be a nice guy. The old man was right. The truth did set me free.

Immediately I got dressed Anna called me. They were right outside my house. I rushed out after grabbing my hand bag. When I got there Anna wasted no time at all. She introduced me to Jon, Ralf’s friend. He was tall, dark and very handsome. I kept my fingers crossed for him. When he smiled while shaking my hand I could sense the feeling was mutual.

We all went to restaurant but when I told them I wasn’t really hungry thanks to all the ice cream I had eaten Jon smiled. He said he wasn’t hungry either. He came up with a great idea. He wanted us to leave Ralf and Anna to have a romantic dinner on their own while we take a walk down the street. “Just give us a call when you are done with dinner and we will come back.” He said. Ralf and Anna nodded and we were off.

I was a little nervous at first but when Jon started making jokes I laughed and loosened up. We talked about work, life and current affairs. He was really smart but he never argued with me. As we walked we saw vendor selling Valentine’s Day products. My eyes lit up when I saw them. Maybe it wasn’t too late for me to join the elite group of ladies who received awesome gifts. Jon followed my gaze and noticed I was staring at the fancy red products. “Do you want some of these?” Jon asked. I smiled like a sheep and nodded. He put his hand into his pocket to remove his wallet and just then I remembered the blind old man in the bus.

I held Jon’s hand and asked him to put his wallet away. “I did want some of these gifts but I don’t want them any more. It’s fine.” I said. He was a bit confused. “A wise person told me that the best gift ever is a person’s presence. These things don’t mean anything to me any more.” I explained. He looked at me pleasantly surprised. I could tell he approved and somehow it seemed like what I said made him like me even more. God bless the blind old man I met on the bus.

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  1. Dating

    February 28, 2017

    hhhh, it’s very straight, i like the phrase ” rushing into the shower “

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